Paneer Kofta recipe

 Paneer Kofta recipe 


double bread              2 slices

 paneer                         1 cup cottage cheese

mashed boiled potatoes      1 cupg

inger mashed pumpkin    1 teaspoon 

chopped cashews                1 tablespoon

  ground red chili                1  teaspoon

 Salt                                        to taste 

   flour for coating              3 tbsp  

Other Ingredients 

 onion chopped              1 cup 

 ginger chopped            1 tbsp

 1 whole dry red chillies cut into pieces 

 Oil                                2 tbsp

 2 coriander leaves / Tej Pat 

  cardamoms.              2 to 3

 ground cashews       2 tablespoons

 milk                             1 cup water  

curd                              cups fresh

 salt                               to taste 

saffron                         2 tablespoons 

Garam masala             1  teaspoon

  fresh cream               1  cup

  ground red chili       1 teaspoon


  Cut the sides of double roti and keep them separate 

 double roti in water  Take them out of the water and squeeze them well so that all the water comes out of them.

 Roll them so that they get an even and smooth layer of flour on them. 

 Heat oil in a pan.

  Deep fry the koftas in oil until they become golden brown in color. 

 Squeeze them on an oil absorbent paper and keep aside. give

How to proceed

 Onion. Ginger. 

 Blend them in a mixer to make a smooth paste and keep aside 

 Heat ghee in a pan  Add taze paat / Tejpaat and cardamom to it 10 seconds fry them 

 Add the prepared paste  Fry on low flame until That the onions become golden brown in color 

 Crushed cashews. Add curd and salt  Let simmer on low heat until gravy thickens  Saffron mixture. 

Punjabi garam masala. Fresh cream. and add crushed red chillies and let it simmer for 1-2 minutes 

 Pour hot gravy (broth) over the koftas  Serve immediately.

Paneer Kofta recipe

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