mojito recipe

 mojito recipe 

mojito recipe

The Mojito is one amongst the foremost a la mode rum cocktails served of late, with a direction notable around the world. 

The origins of this classic drink is derived to Cuba and so the 16th-century cocktail El Draque. Named for Sir Drake, land skipper and adventurer WHO visited Cuban capital in 1586, El Draque was composed of aguardiente (a cane-spirit precursor to rum), lime, mint and sugar.

 it had been supposedly consumed for healthful functions, but it’s easy to believe that drinkers enjoyed its flavor and effects. Eventually, rum replaced aguardiente and so the name was changed to the Mojito.

 It’s unclear specifically once this transpired, but the Mojito first appeared in cocktail literature inside the 1932 edition of “Sloppy Joe’s Bar Cocktail Manual, a book from the illustrious Cuban capital institution

mojito recipe 


1. mint leaves             ten contemporary

2. lime                         ½ medium

3. sugar                      3 tablespoons

4. ice cubes                       1 cup

5. white rum.                   1 ½ fluid ounce

6. Seltzer                            ½ cup


Add mint leaves and one lime wedge to a mixer. And mix well.

Add the remaining lime wedge and a couple of tablespoons sugar, and mix once more.

Fill the glass to the highest with ice. Pour within the rum and pour the seltzer into the glass and serve.


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