Desert/fried Ice Cream

 Desert/fried Ice Cream


Desert/fried Ice Cream

The perfect broiled afters deep-fried Ice Cream


while not the deep cooking mess! Creamy vanilla afters deep-fried Ice cream 

is made into rounds,

then rolled through a saute buttery cinnamon cornflake topping and finished with chocolate or caramel sauce cite decadence!

This home-cured broiled afters deep-fried Ice cream has everything the traditional version has to supply, but it lacks all the tedious steps,

extended school assignment times and oily mess that comes at the facet of the vital deal.

i created a choice to try and do just cooking additional of preparation extremely the cereal coating and then rolling

the afters deep-fried Ice cream 

within the coating


1. Ice cream                        1 pack

2. butter                           1/2 tbsp

3. Corn kernels, ground  one 1/4 c

4. land lord                         1/2 tsp

5. Granulated sugar        two tbsp

6. Whipped cream         for garnish

7. maraschino cherries   for garnish


1. Cover a receptacle with baking paper and place within the electric refrigerator. Scoop the frozen dessert into four balls and place on the ready sheet receptacle. Place in electric refrigerator whereas creating cereal mixture, a minimum of half-hour.

2. Place a pan on a medium in. and add butter, soften the butter. Add the corn kernels and cinnamon and blend well, stirring sometimes, till the cereal is golden, five to seven minutes.

3. currently take away the pan from the stove and add sugar and blend well. Place on a shallow bowl and let cool.

Remove the frozen dessert balls from the electric refrigerator and roll them within the cereal mixture. prime with topping, sprinkles, and a cherry, and serve Desert/Fried frozen dessert instantly.


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