How to make Mughlai chicken

How to make Mughlai chicken

How to make Mughlai chicken

How to make Mughlai chicken

Mughlai chicken recipe.The taste is very creamy.Mughlai chicken The method of cooking is different. Very simple and very quickly it is ready.


Chicken                                    1 kg

Yogurt                                      1 cup

Cream                                      1 cup

Cashew nuts                           15 digits

Almonds                                  15 digits

crushed coconut                    2 tbsp

Garlic Ginger Paste               1 tbsp

Green chilli                             1 number

Fried Onion                            1 Medium.             

Mint                                         1 tbsp

Green coriander                    1 tbsp

Salt                                           to taste

Read chilli                              1 tablespoon

Turmeric                                1 tsp

Dried coriander                    1 tbsp

Cumin powder                      1 tbsp

Bay leaves                              2 number

cardamom                             1 number 

Black cardamom                  1 number

cumin                                      1 tbsp

Clove                                        4 number

Lemon juice                            2 tbsp

Oil                                             Half cup

Black pepper                           9 digits

Water                                        1 cup


Put chicken in a bowl,

 add salt, red chilli powder, turmeric, dried coriander, cumin powder, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, paste, marinate for half an hour. 

Blend two tablespoons of coconut, green chillies, two tablespoons of onion, green coriander, mint,10 almond,10 Cashew nuts,one or two tablespoons of water.

 Heat half a cup of oil in a pan. 

9 black pepper,1 cardamom,4 cloves, cumin seeds,1 black cardamom. 

Add 2 bay leaf, fry for one minute. 

Then add marinated chicken.

 Fry for two to three minutes. 

Cover and cook for five minutes. 

Now add ground paste.

 Then cook for four to five minutes. 

Fry well. Now add the rest of the yoghurt in it. Fry for four to five minutes. 

Add a cup of water, add three tablespoons of fried onions and cook on a light inch. 

When the water is dry, Add the cream and mix well and turn off the stove. 

Put it in a bowl and chop two green chillies and green coriander. 

 Mughlai chicken

 Garnish with cashews and almonds.


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