Chicken Shawarma recipe

Chicken Shawarma 

Chicken Shawarma


1. Pita bread                       2 piece

2. chicken boneless           1 cup

3. Vinegar                           1 tbsp

4.  Salt                                 to taste

5. Red pepper                    1 tbsp

6. Turmeric Powder         ½ tbsp

7. Hot spices                       ½ tbsp 

8. Oil                                     1 tbsp

9. Garlic paste                    half tsp 

10. olive oil                       2 tbsp

11. Vinegar                       1 tbsp

12. Sesame paste             2 tbsp

13. Mayonnaise                ¼ cups

14. Garlic Sauce                ¼ cup

15. Cabbage                        2 tbsp

16. Black papper               1 tsp 

17. Butter papper             2 pieces 


1. Put chicken in a bowl, add vinegar, salt, red pepper, turmeric, hot spices and oil, mix well and leave for fifteen minutes. 

2. Now put the chicken in a pan and let it cook on low heat for ten minutes. When the chicken is cooked, turn off the stove. 

3. Now put mayonnaise in a bowl to make Tahini sauce. Add Sesame paste, garlic paste, vinegar, pepper, salt, olive oil and mix well. 

4. And also make tahini sauce. Now take butter paper and place pita bread on top of it. Now put Tahini sauce on it and place the chicken on top. add chilli Garlic Sauce.

5.  And then with Tahini sauce. Roll the pita bread and cover with butter paper. Delicious chicken shawarma is ready


  1. From here I imagined the delicacy of shawarma chicken with its filling when served hot ... how delicious

  2. Great recipe and delicious food. I followed your blog now. Thx

  3. Me super encanta la receta, se ve deliciosa, así que la voy a poner en practica. bsss

  4. I am sure this chicken shawarma is delicious.

  5. My husband swears by turmeric and puts it on everything. He would love this!

  6. Hola! Tiene una pinta muy rica. Besos

  7. I had shawarma at a real Indian wedding reception ... it was delicious.
    And glad I got the recipe here for me to try to make it.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Hum...parece delicioso!
    Quero um, me deu até fome!

  9. Looks great! Combination looks so healthy. Must be delicious.

  10. It must be delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  11. mmmm tiene una pinta que se me hace la boca agua!

  12. Good recipe, chicken is not fattening, suitable for people who are on a diet brazilian lace front wigs

  13. We definitely enjoy shawarma as a family; you made it so well!

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