Chicken veggies sandwich

 Chicken veggies sandwich 

Chicken veggies sandwich


1. Chicken                     half kg 

2. Cabbage                   half cup 

3. Capsicum               1 chopped 

4. Butter                      4  tbsp 

5. Bread                      6 slices 

6. Brad Crumbs         1 cup

7. Eggs                         5 numbers 

8. Salt                          to taste  

9. Chilli flakes            1  tbsp

10. Black paper       1 tbsp

11. Soy sauce           4 tbsp

12. Water                  2 cup

13. Oil                        for frying 


1. Put the chicken in a pan and add water. Grind the chicken to dry water and separate it from the bones. 

2. Put butter in a pan, add chicken, cabbage, capsicum and fry for five minutes and then add salt. 

3. Add chilli flakes and black pepper and fry for five to two to three minutes. Now add soy sauce and fry for two more minutes. 

4. Turn off the stove. Cut the bread on all four sides and add the chicken. Put the bread on top, add the egg, add the bread crumbs and then fry. 


  1. Looks yummy! Have a wonderful day

  2. Yet another creative way to eat chicken! You can't go wrong with butter and bread crumbs. Or, for that matter, anything fried. :)

  3. Looks delicious. I will enjoy this sandwich.

  4. I have never had a fry sandwich. It looks very tasty.

  5. yummy! i live the combinations of bread n'sl look healthy ;)

  6. look delicious and healthy....yummy.

    Thank you for sharing

  7. So many delicious flavors wrapped up in this sandwich. It's a keeper of a recipe!

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