Turkish paratha (Leachman on pan)

 Turkish paratha (Leachman on pan)

Turkish paratha (Leachman on pan)

Turkish paratha
 (Leachman on pan) 
This is a very tasty recipe and very easy to make you can freeze it and eat it whenever you want Turkish paratha you can also give it to children in a lunch box with ketchup and mayonnaise 


1. chicken mince             250gm
2. Capsicum                    3 Large
3. Onion                           1 Large
4. Tomato                        2 Large
5. Salt                               to taste
6. Flour                          400 grams
7. Yeast                           1 tbsp
8. Oil                               3 tbsp


1. Put flour in a bowl, add oil, yeast and salt and mix. Prepare like hot water pizza dough. Leave it for 30 minutes.
2.  Remove skin by frying capsicum on fire. Tomato Capsicum Put it in a chopper and drain it. 
3. Mix it in the minced bread. Roll a thin loaf of flour and put the minced bread on top of the bread. Now heat the pan and cook the bread.
4. Serve with ketchup or mayonnaise


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