Chicken sandwich easy recipe

Chicken sandwich easy recipe 

Chicken sandwich easy recipe


1. Chicken                 half kg 

2. Garlic                   1 tablespoon 

3. Bread                    10 slices 

4. Eggs                       8 number 

5. Salt                        to taste

6. Black paper        1 tablespoon 

7. Mayonnaise         half cup

8. Brad Crumbs      1 cup

9. Oil                         for frying 

10. Water               2 cup 


1. Heat two cups of water in a pan and add chicken and garlic and salt. And cook the chicken. Let the water dry. 

2. Now separate the chicken from the bones and grind finely. Also boil two eggs and chop finely. 

3. Now put the chicken eggs, mayonnaise, salt and black pepper in a bowl and mix. 

4. And put the chicken on the bread and then put the bread on top and dip in the egg and add the bread crumbs. 

5. Then fry and the delicious chicken sandwiches are ready


  1. This looks really delicioys, I'm sure that if you are eating this for lunch you won't be hungry again until the following day :)

  2. The husband and I live on chicken, so it's always nice to know another way to prepare it. Thanks!

  3. They make a perfect lunch, with some salads or soups! Have a great week ahead!

  4. This recipe sounds a delicious sandwich which I would love to try.

  5. Tienes súper buena pinta y es fácil de hacer me encanta

  6. Chicken sandwich looks delicious..
    They make perfect breakfast and lunch.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe..
    Have a great day.

  7. love chicken and sandwich ....yummy.
    thank you for sharing

    # I am following you, hope, you follow me as well

  8. This is a lovely snack! Where is the sauce?

  9. Such a beautiful snack for lunch. Thank you for sharing recipe. Happy day.

  10. This would be great to make for my husband's work day lunches. Thanks for the recipe!

  11. i want try this simple recipe at home

    n i think mayonaise can make them more tasteful :)..lije this recipe dear ^^

  12. wow, it looks yummy. thanks for the recipe
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