Chicken noodles cutlets

Chicken noodles cutlets  Chicken noodles cutlets recipe 

Chicken noodles cutlets

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 The chicken noodles cutlets you make is a very tasty recipe. 
You can also keep the chicken noodles cutlets in the fridge 
and fry them whenever you want and you can also fry the chicken noodles cutlets with tea. 
They are very tasty and healthy. The kids love it


1. chicken                    half kg

2. Noodles                  1 pack

3. chicken powder     1 tbsp 

4. Salt                           to taste

5. Black Pepper         1 tbsp

6. chili sauce               1tbsp

7. soya sauce              1tbsp

8. water                       4 glass 

9. Oil                           for fry

10. Egg                    4 number 

11. Bread crumbs      1 cup

Ingredients for making white sauce 

1. White flour             2tbsp

2.  butter                     1tbsp

3.  milk                        1 glass 

4. Salt                          to taste

5. Black Pepper        1 tbsp


1. Put the chicken in a pan, mix it well with two glasses of water and dry the water and separate the chicken from the bones. 

2. Boil the noodles in the water and take it out in a plate.

3.  Add flour and fry for two minutes. Now add milk and salt and black pepper and cook with a spoon on low heat for three to four minutes and cool. 

4. Take a bowl and put chicken in it.

5.  Add noodles, white sauce, chili sauce, soya sauce, chicken powder, salt, black pepper and mix well.

6.  Make it round shape. Now dip it in egg and fry it with bread crumbs.

7.  And serve hot chicken noodles cutlets with ketchup or mayonnaise


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