Quick fried chicken recipe

Quick fried chicken recipe  

Quick fried chicken recipe


1. Vinegar                          3 tablespoons  

2. Corn floor                    4 teaspoon                              
3. Garlic Cloves              1 tablespoon   

4. Tomato puree             3 teaspoon                        
5. Chicken pice                half kg                          
6. Onion                          1 digit    

7. Sugar                        half teaspoon 


1. Cut the chicken in cubes. 
2. Sprinkle cornstarch and soy sauce over it in a large bowl and cook it by hand. 
3. Heat the chicken in a pan 
4. Put the onions and garlic in it on high flame fry for five  minutes. 
5. Now add the tomato puree sugar and vinegar to it and fry it for one minute. 
7. Fry the chicken cubes in the  pan and cook for 5 minutes. Quick fried chicken is ready to serve. 


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