Aloo walla paratha

Potato paratha 

Aloo walla paratha

1. Potato                            1 kg 
2. Onion chopped          2numbers 
3. Green chilli                 5 chopped 
4. GreencCoriander       5 tablespoon 
5. Salt                                to taste 
6. Red chilli                     2 tablespoon 
7. White cumin powder   1 tablespoon 
8. Red chilli Crushed        1 tablespoon 

1. Boil the potatoes and grind them 

2. At the onionccoriander green chilli salt red chilli cumin powder mix well. And make 

3. Two small make the bread now Sprinkle the oil on the top. and tomatoes paste and heat on a pan add the paratha now cook potato paratha 

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