New delious chicken biryani recipe

   Chicken biryani       
New Delicious chicken biryani recipe

1. Chicken                       1 kg 

2. Salt                           to taste        

3. Coriander powder  1 tablespoons 

4. Red chilli                  2 tablespoon 

5. Hot spices                 1tablespoon 

6. Black papper           1 tea spoon 

7. Lemons juice          6 tablespoon 

8. Yought                     half cup 

9. Yellow                   food colour  

10. Oil                        4 tablespoon 

11. Ginger paste       2 tablespoons 

12. Garlic paste          2 tablespoon 

13. Tomatoes              4 large size 

14. Green chilli          6 chopped 

15. Ginger paste        2tablespoon 

16. Garlic paste         2 tablespoons
17. Salt                       to taste 

18. Red chili            2 teaspoons 

19. Biryani essence  4 drop 

20. Oil                         Half cup 


1. Add the spices to all the yogurt and mix the chicken with yogurt Leave for 2 hours. 
2. Add  the chicken in a pan and let the water soak fry the onions 

3. Add the ginger garlic fry for ten minutes for low flame now add tomatoes and add the all spices fry for ten minutes on low flame 

4. Add the chicken leave for five minutes now add to  boil  rice add 1 tespoon of oil and lemon juice ad salt to taste the rice come to. A boil 

5. Drop the water and put the first rice add the biryani essence drop and also  the mint leaves cook  20 minutes for low flame chicken biryani ready to cook 

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