Mutanjan pulao recipe

Muntanjan pulao recipe 
Muntanjan pulao recipe


1. Meat                             1 Kg                                       

2. Oil                                Half cup 

3. Cloves                        1 teaspoon  

4. Rice                            1 kg  

5. Saffron                     2 tablespoon 

6. Almonds                    Half cup  

7. Rose                            Half cup 

8. Pistachios                   Half cup 

9. Salt                               to taste                                   


1. Prepare the meatoof water and salt to a boil. 
2. Then remove the meat from the pan add lemon.  
3. Grain the Cardamom and cloves and saffron and mix them 
4. Now add the rice to the water.
5. Add a  little vigor and remove. It with a thin stove. 
6. Then mix them in a pan and put a little salt on top and put them on the oil  
7. When they come to a boil add oil from the top. 
8. Muntanjan pulao recipe ready to serve


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