Masala gosht recipes

            Masala gosht recipe 

Masala gosht recipe

1. Meat                                       1 kg 

2. Salt                                      to taste 

3. Hot spices powder       1 tablespoon 

4. Onion                           1 large size 

5. Green coriander        5 tablespoon 
6. Tomatoes                     2 large size
7. Red chilli                     2 tablespoon
8. Cumin                          1 tea spoon 
9. Turmeric powder      half teaspoon 
10. Water                        2 cup 
11. Oil                             Half cup 


1. Wash the meat Cut the onions
2. Heat the oil in a pan and add the onions fry for five minutes 
3. Now add the meat and salt  cook on low flame for ten minutes add the tomatoes red chilli powder turmeric powder cumin and add 2 cup of water and cook low flame for 20 minutes. 
4. Now water is dry add green coriander masala gosht recipe is ready. To serve  with rice 

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