Malaysian makhani chicken recipe

Malaysian makhani chicken recipe 

makhani chicken recipe


1. Chicken               without bone 1kg 
2. Egg whites         1 number 
3. Corn Flour         3 tablespoons 
4. Chopped pepper   1/2 teaspoon 
5. Salt                          1 /2 teaspoon 
6. Oil               for frying                                        

Spice ingredients 

1. Peanuts                      2/1 cup  
2. Curryleaves               10 digits  
3. Dried  red peppers    10 digits 
4. Lucanne proven        6 gambling 
5. Salt                                2/1 tea spoon 
6. Butter                          50 grams 
7. Salad leaves tomatoes to decorate 


1.  In a bowl mix the oil and the chicken ingredients for a while. 

2.heat the oil in a frying pan and remove the chicken herbs from the sesame seeds. 

3. Heat the butter in a pan and fry the garlic red paper curry leaves and peanuts till fragrant.  

4. Add the chickpeas and mix the salt. 

 5. Decorate the dish with salad leavesand tomatoes and serve with Malaysia chicken. 

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