Khatta gosht recipes

khatta gosht recipes 

Khatta gosht recipes


1. Meat                                Half Kg 

2. oil                                    Half cup 

3. garlic paste                    2tablespoon

4. Green  chilli                      2 numbers 

6. white cumin                      1 teaspoon

7. Salt                                      1 teaspoon

8. Yogurt              half cup 

9. Ginger garlic paste     2 tablespoons 

10. Onions                             2 large 

 11. red chili powder         2tablespoon

13. Cloneji                           1teaspoon


1. Brown the onion in the oil.
2. and fry the garlic broth with the meat. 3. When the meat is dry,
4. add salt and pepper to it.
5. When the yogurt is dry, fry it well,
6.  cut it into eight or less green chilies
7.  and put it on the oil for a few minutes. 

11. Khatta gosht is read to cook. 


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