Karhi pakora recipe

 Delicious karhi pakora recipe     

Karhi pakora recipe


1. Yought                              2cup 
2. Water                               6 cup 
3. Basin                              5 cups 
4. Turmeric powde       2tablespoon 
5. Salt                                to taste
6. Coriander powder     half tablespoon 
7. Cayenne powder          2 tbsp 
8. Prevent red paper        5  numbers 
9. Oil                                       Half cup 
10. Green chilli               5 chopped 
11. Red chilli                 2 tablespoon 
12. Onion                      1 large size 
13. Spinach                    half cup 
14. Green chilli              4 numbers 
15. Hot spices                   1 tablespoon 
16. Garlic                             4 digits 


1. Make curd in a pot grind it with water basin and turmeric grind it in a pot ad the salt Cayenne papper cumin powder coriander powder green chilli cook for 30 minutes 
2. In a pot ad a salt and mix with red chili powder hot spices coriander powder cumin powder green coriander green chilli chopped onions chop spinach make a pasta put the oil in the pot and mix the basin in it and fry the golden brown now add cucumbers dumpling  in it and mix 
3. Heat the oil in a pan add one tea spoon white cumin and Mathi now add on the top of karahi ready to cook karahi pakora 



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