Kachay gosht ki biryani

Kachay gosht ki biryani  

Kachay gosht ki biryani


1. Meat                                    1 kg 

 2. Rice                                    1 kg 

3. Yogurt                                 1 cup 

4. Red chilli powder           2 tablespoons 

5. Ginger garlic paste        2 tablespoons 

6. Salt                                    to taste 

7. White papper               1 tablespoon 

8. Oil                                      Half cup 

9. Green chilli                     5 numbers  

10. Mint                              chopped 

11. Tomatoes                     2 large size 


1. Then wash the meat and drain the water and mix well in spices 
2. Clove and cinnamon meat for at least 3 hours 
3. Soak the rice for 20 minutes 
4. Then add the salt boiling water boil for  5 minutes 
5. And let cool for ten minutes in a large pan double the size of the meat and rice it is spread the masala meat
6. And spread the boiled. Well over it add the green chilli mint coriander and tomatoes. Now cook on low flame for 45 minutes. Kachay gosht ki biryani is ready 


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