Harey masale ki biryani recipe

Harey masale ki biryani recipe 

Harey masale ki biryani recipe


1. Meat                              1 kg 

2. Rice                                 1kg                                                

3. Ginger garlic paste        2 tablespoons 

4. Salt                                   to taste 

5. Onions chopped            5 digits        

6. Green Coriander            5 tablespoon 

7. Papper thick slices         2 tablespoon 

8. Hot spices                         1tablespoon 

9. Curd                                    2 cups 

10. Yellow color                  1 pinch                         

11. Milk                                 half cup  

12. Biryani essence            4 drop 

13. Oil                                    1 cup


1. Put the meat in the pan. 
2. Add the ginger garlic onion green chillies green coriander and a cup of. Water. 
3. And cook on low flame 30 minutes. 

 4. Mix papper and salt in the yogurt. 
5. Take the meat off the stove and put it in the bowl and set aside. 

6. Boil the rice with a spice five minutes before full mealting 
7. Pure in a sieve and strain excess water  

 8. Spread the meat in a large sized bowl and put the boiled. Rice on top. 

 9. Mix the yellow colour and the biryani essence in the milk and Sprinkle it over the rice. 
10. Cover the rice and cook on a low flame for about twenty minutes on the oil 
11. Harey masale ki biryani recipe is ready to serve with salad and Raitta


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