Desi chicken

Desi chicken recipe 

Desi chicken


1. Chicken                         1 kg 

2. Oil                                   Half cup  

3. Green chilli               5 numbers 

4. Onion                           2 tablespoon 

5. Ginger paste                2 tablespoons 

6. Garlic paste                  2 tablespoons

7. Red cayenne pepper    2 tea spoon 

8. Salt                                   1 tea spoon

9. Tomatoes                        2 large size 


1. Heat the oil and add sliced green chillies and 2 tbsp onion and fry it to make it soft. 
2. Now add tomatoes and cook ten minutes 
3. Then boil one kg of chicken add the ginger garlic paste cayenne papper and one tea spoon of salt until the water is dry 
4. Add oil in a pan and fry for 5 minutes cilantro cubes and chopped onions 
6. Now add the prepared tomato sauce boiled chicken 4 tbsp ketchup and two tbsp chilli sauce and let it cook for low flame for ten minutes Desi chicken is ready to serve with salad

1recepie.blogspot.comNow add the prepared tomato sauce, boiled chicken, 4 tablespoons ketchup and two tablespoons chilli sauce and let it simmer for ten minutes. Until it melts

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