Dam walli chicken karahi recipe

     Dam walli chicken karahi   

Dam walli chicken karahi


1. Chicken                             1 kg   

2. Yogurt                               1/2 kg 

3. Tomatoes        number                                    
4. Green Chilli       10              
5. chicken Powder               1 tespoon 

6. Underneath                     1 tablespoon 

7. Chopped coriander        1 tablespoon 

8. Licking spices                  1 tablespoon 

9. CayennePepper         2 tablespoons  

10. Ginger garlic paste.  2 tablespoons 

11. Warm spices           1 tablespoon  

12. Turmeric                1/2 tablespoon 

13. Coriander powder      1tablespoon 

1. Heat the oil in a thin sieve firs. add the ginger garlic to it and then add the chicken to the it. then fry the chicken. 

2. Now fry the green chillies and tomatoes in another slice.  

3. Then add the chicken  

4. Then both well. Now add yogurt to a bowl and mix all the spices and mix well 

5. Then add it to the chicken bake for ten to five minutes.

6. When the yogurt is dry drain the coal and serve them in a dish 


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