Chicken yakhni pulao recipe

Chicken yakhni pulao recipe 

Chicken yakhni pulao


1. Chicken                           1 kg  

2. Cardamom                     2 tablespoon 

3. Onion chopped             2 numbers 

4. Salt                                   to taste 

5. Rice                                   1 kg 

6. Clove                               1 tablespoon                                        

7. Yogurt                             1 cup 

8. Ginger paste                 2 tablespoon

9. Garlic paste                   2 tablespoons 


1. Prepare the meat oil onion ginger garlic and salt. 
2. And remove the meat. 
3. Then put the herbs in it and give it a foothold. 
4. Now remove the beef from the broth and put them in a small bowl and put the dilution on the stove and put yogurt and two tablespoons of broth in it. 
5. At this point also the proven spices and dry the broth. 
6. Now boil the rice chicken anthem cold  

7. Then soak them in the broth in the place hem on the herbs.

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