chicken white karahi recipe

Chicken white karaki

Chicken white karahi


1. Chicken                  1 kg 

2. Yogurt                   1 cup 

3. Cream                   1 pack 

4. Ginger  paste        2 tablespoons 

5. Garlic paste           2 tablespoons 

6. Oil                            Half cup 

7. Salt                          to taste 

8. Black pepper       1 tablespoon 

9. Corianderpowder   1 tablespoons  

10. Cumin                   1 tablespoon 
1. Heat  the oil in a pan 

2. Add the ginger garlic paste fry for two minutes  

3. Add the chicken and fry it now 

4. Add the all spices in yogurt and mix well  
5. Now grind the yogurt chicken and allow the chicken to cook for low flame for 20 minutes 

6. When the water is dry add the cream cook for five minutes delicious chicken white karahi ready to cook


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