Chicken Tangy pulao recepie

  Chicken Tangy pulao recipe 

Chicken Tangy pulao


1. Chicken                                 1 kg 
2. Salt                                         to taste
3. Red Chili Powder                2 tablespoons
4. Chile Garlic Sauce              1 teaSpoon 5.Ginger Powder                      2 Teaspoon
6. Chicken Plow Cubes            2 Tbsp
7. oil                                            half cup 


1.  Wash and dry the chicken leg pies.
2.add five spice powder.
3. cayenne powder.
4. chilli garlic sauce
5. ginger powder. and marinate for 3 hours.
6. Put the Palau Cube and Rice in the cooker add the salt 

7. Heat the oil in the frying pan.
8. Fry the marinated chicken leeks in it. 9Remove the Palau in the serving dish. 10Have Chicken Leg Pies and serve hot chicken tangy pulao


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