Chicken steam roast recipe

Chicken steam roast recipe  

Chicken steam roast recipe


1. Chicken (whole)               1 piece           

2. Garlic paste                      1 tablespoon 

3. Ginger paste                     1 tablespoon                           

4. Sweet Powder                  2 tablespoons                         

5. Under powder                   1 tablespoon                        

6. Coriander powder          1 tablespoon                  

7. Red chilli powder            1 tablespoon 

8. Turmeric powder         Half teaspoon  

9. Salt                                 1 teaspoon  

10. Yogurt                           1 cup                                

11. Black Powder        half tablespoon 

12. oil                             5 tablespoon 


1. Cut the chicken with a knife. 
2. Mix the rest of the ingredients mix  well the rest of the ingredients well in the pot then apply this paste on the outside of the chicken and keep the chicken in the refrigerator for 2  three hours 
3. Now drain the chicken and put four cups of water in a pot then place the chicken on top of it by placing a plate upside down or with a steel strainer and place it on the stove. 
4. When the water comes to a boil lightly heat the lid and seal the lid with the dough and cook for 30 minutes. 
5. Then open the flour cell and the chicken serve it hot and tasty chicken steam roast.


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