Chicken shashlik recipe

           Chicken shashlik 

Chicken shashlik recipe


1. Chicken bonekes               1kg 

2. Onion chopped             1 large size 

3. Tomatoes                       2 large size

4. Capsicum                       2 chopped 

5. Garlic                            1 tablespoon 

6. Courn flour                2 tablespoon 

7. Ketchup                      4 tablespoon 

8. Chilli garlic souse   2 tablespoon  

9. Tomato piyorri        half cup

10. Salt                          to taste  

11. Red chilli            2 tablespoon 

12. Black papper     1 tablespoon 


1. Chop the chicken pise add the salt red chilli black papper mix marinate for 2 hours 

2. Heat the oil in a pan add the garlic fry for two minutes now add tomato piyorri 

3. Ketchup chilli garlic and Courn flour cook a low flame for 5 minutes now fry the chicken oil in a pan when chicken is cook ad it to the sauce now ad the fry onion and capsicum  

4. add salt and red chilli  now cook it for 5 minutes chicken shashlik is ready to cook 


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