Chicken pakora recipe

Chicken pakora recipe 

Chicken pakora recipe


1. Chicken                            half gram                                          
2. Eggs                                  4 eggs  

3. Green coriander           2 tablespoons  

4. Green Chillichopped   3 digits         

5. Licking spices            half teaspoon 

6. Pakora mix                 1 packet  

7. Water                           Half cup 

8. Oil                                to be fried                                         


1. Add the eggs to the pakora mix and mix well. 
2. Pour water into it and make a mixture. 

3. Now add the chicken green chillies and green coriander to it and mix well and keep aside for an hour. 

4. Heat the oil on medium flame. 

5. Mix spoon mixture in it and fry till. golden brown. 
6. Serve hot  delicious chicken pakora.

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