Chicken haleem recipe

  Chicken haleem recipe                       Chicken haleem recipe


1. Chicken boiled                2 kg 
2. Rice                                   half kg 
3. Wheat grains                   half kg 
4. Ginger paste           2tablespoon 
5. Garlic paste           2 tablespoons 
6. Green chilli            5 chopped  
7. Salt                          to taste 
8. Cayenne powder   2  tbsp 
9. Cumin                   1 tablespoon  
10. Cinnamon         1 teaspoon 
12. Turmeric           1 tablespoon 
13. Onion                   1 large size  
14. Lemon juice          half cup 
15. Oil                          Half cup 


1. Soak the rice wheat grain  in water for one hour
2. boil soaked rice wheat in water add salt turmeric boil for 20 minutes in a blender boil the boneless Chicken and make small pcs 
3. Heat the oil in a pan add the onions fry for five minutes now add chopped ginger garlic paste salt coriander powder chicken fiber rice wheat paste 
4. add lemon juice and cook for 5 minutes chicken haleem is ready with garnish ginger Lemon  brown onions green chilli 

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