Chicken broast recipe

       Chicken broast recipe 

Chicken broast recipe


1. Pieces of chicken           1kg
2. Chilean sauce                2 tablespoons 
3. SoyaSauce                      2 tablespoons 
4. BryanSugar                    1 tea spoon 
5. Chili pepper                    1 tea spoon 
6. Ginger Garlic Paste      1 tablespoon  
7. Chinese salt                      1 tea spoon 
8. Corn Flour                        1/2 cup 
9. Flour                                  1/2 cup                                     


1. Add chilli sauce. soy sauce. Chopped cayenne pepper. brown sugar. Chilli paper ginger garlic paste and Chinese salt to the chicken pieces. 

2. And leave for an hour. 

3. Now mix the cornflour and the flour in a coating and place in it cold water.

4. Now deep fry in the hot oil by coating the flour and corn flour mixture again 
5. Delicious Chicken broast Is ready.


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