Chicken biryani recipe

Chicken biryani recipe 

Chicken biryani recipe


1. Chicken                                 1 kg                                 

2. Rice                                          1kg                                        

3. Ginger paste               2 tablespoons

4. Garlic paste                2 tablespoons 

5. Salt                                 to taste 

6. Chopped onion             4 digits 

7. Tomatoes chopped       5 large size 

8. Yogurt                               1 cup 

9. White cumin                 1 tea spoon 

10. Turmeric powder      1 teaspoon 

11.  Cayenne papper       2 tablespoons 

12. Coriander powder      1 tablespoons 

13. Hot spices powder     1 tablespoon 

14. Chopped Green chilli    5 digits

15.  Green Coriander         5 tablespoon 

16. Chopped mint               5 tablespoon                       

17. Proven hot spices     1 tablespoon 

18. Yellow color                 1 pinch 

19. Milk                               half cup 

20. Biryani essence         4 tablespoon 

21. Oil                                   1 cup  


1. Heat the oil in a pan 5 minutes on medium flame and add the proven hot spices. 

2. Stir the ginger garlicaand turmeric powder for  three minutes and then add the tomatoes and cook for 10 minutes then tomatoes are melted. 

 3. When the tomatoes have melted well and com in the from of a paste add the chicken salt red papper coriander leaves green chillies and mint. 
4. Then add the yogurt and mix well and cook on the low  flame  for 30  minutes 

5. Boil the rice with a little steaming hot spice 5 mints before full boil and strain the water with a sieve
6. Spread the chicken in a large size bowl and apply layer of rice on top of rice it mix the apricots in the milk and Sprinkle the rice over the rice. 

 7. Cover the pan and cook on  low flame 20 minutes. Delicious chicken biryani ready to serve with salad

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