butter chicken roll recipe is very easy and delicious

Butter chicken roll recipe 

Butter chicken roll recipe

Chicken Butter Roll is a very fun recipe. It can also give you kids a chance to make lunch box wine. They will love it

butter chicken roll
And children will eat it with grie Make it your duty and when you want it with ketchup and sauce. The Chicken Butter Roll is an easy and fun recipe to make as you make it great for healthRecipe this May Bread and Egg Butter Chicken Green Coriander Green Chilli Chili Pepper Salt Bread crumbs.

Why butter is important to us

1. Butter is a benefit to our bones and teeth.

2. Butter sharpens the eyesight and brightens the skin.

3. Butter serves the vision of a thin and weak man.

4. Butter fills good cholesterol Beneficial for sore throat and sore throat.

5. Why eggs are important to us?

6. Eggs are a vital ingredient in health.

7. because of this wine Proten vitamin and iron Other expensive ingredients.

8. are available. The egg plant counts Healthy Genza is the go-to wine.

1. Bread slices 12

2. Chicken half kg

3. Garlic 2/3 slices

4. Eggs 12

5. Butter hulf cup

6. Bread crumbs 1 cup

7. Green Coriander 5 tablespoon

8. Green chilli 3 teaspoon

9. Black paper 1 tablespoon

10. Salt to taste

11. Oil one cup

butter chicken roll recipe

1Put the chicken in the pan.

2. Now add the garlic and salt with this wine water.

3. When the chicken is cooked and let the water dry.

4. Now remove the chicken from the plate.

5. and let it cool Finely chop the chicken.

6. Now add butter and green coriander green chili Black paper Salt.

7.and Now mix it well and set it aside.

8. Now cut all the bread with the four corners.

9. and bread Separate the edge of Now roll the all bread. with the roll

10. And also mix the eggs into a bowl and place them on the side.

11. Now the bread on the upper terraces Put the chicken with a spoon.

12. and nowLay the egg on the edge of it and roll it and.

13. Now, dip it in egg yolk and top it bread crumbs.

14. Place the lid on the side and prepare the rest of the roll.

15. Now heat a pan of wine and roll it into a pan deep fried.

16chicken butter rolls Kick a plate of wine

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